Sugar of Lead

by Above The Flood

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released February 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Above The Flood New York

Featuring Matt Shufelt and Ricky Little formerly of Split 2nd Alibi, Steve Rajter formerly of Hygeer, and Mike Grosshandler of The Velmas, Above the Flood is an original hard rock band based out of the Capital Region of New York whose music draws influences from bands like Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman, Chevelle, Seether, Alice in Chains, and The Beatles. ... more

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Track Name: Nothing New
Lyrics © Matthew Shufelt

Hope and lies seem to bend inside
But you don’t know me, so why am I feeling weak?
Try to hide your disguise
Stranger things have come to those who wait
Feeding the hands of time with all you procrastinate
What is this love life for?
This is my story about her
Without her, I am nothing… nothing
But broken down and left without

Come too far to fall behind, I will push myself away
If the love is too much agony, will you help me find my way?
This my story about her, I am nothing, nothing without her
I think it’s safe to say that it’s nothing new

I tried to hide with all my life
You take what you want from me, inside
Gotta find a way out
Gotta find it out from here
And I don’t mind anything… right there

This is my story about her
No one, no one will know
I think it’s safe to say…
Track Name: Already Won
Lyrics © Matthew Shufelt

Woke up early, just to talk to you
Had your face turned away like I’m used to
Is it money, or no more thrills?
I don’t know what to do with you
Close my eyes, I can’t see you
Shut my mouth, so I don’t have to try and talk to you

Is it me?
Is it you?
Is it time for us to let it go?
Trust me I’m with you
Dream like you wanted, tear me apart
You’re the only one who knows… I’ve already won

Why can’t you tell that it’s me that’s been crying
I think it’s me but it’s you that’s been lying
When it’s said and done, you’re the one that runs
I think I might know what’s your problem

Just like the love is gone between us
I will make a point to say it’s never enough
Words that remind me to be
Strong enough to show you, no sympathy

…I know I can’t take much more
The things that were said, we’re too far, we’re too hurt
I’ve got just one thing to say
I know it doesn’t matter, I’ll say it anyway
Track Name: One Of A Kind
Lyrics © Matthew Shufelt

I like how it burns when I look at the sun
But I’ll be sarcastic whenever I want
And I’ll tone it down, just for a while
'Til I see you smile at me
Knowing nothing will ever help me to believe that you were

One of a Kind
No matter how hard I try
Cause I am too blind, filled with all your lies
Gotta open my eyes, 'cause then you will start to feel it
Start to feel it

I just want to see the world in my eyes
Discover what secrets it hides
Don’t wanna wake up one night, knowing nothing is right
'Cause I should’ve known, that you were…

I’m becoming a monster just like you
Wake me up from a dream that I’m into
Wake up, wake up, wake up from a nightmare
That I can’t escape from you
Track Name: Love To Hate You
Lyrics © Matthew Shufelt

Haven’t seen me in five days
'Cause I’m not around
We’ll you say you're gonna kick me out
Won’t you stop running your filthy mouth

Well it’s simple to see that I’m already gone
I’m sick and tired of all the bullshit you're running from
Won’t stop my life, I need to set it off
You know I’ll never get by

Who’s to say I will never break
From these dirty chains
'Cause it’s the way I adore you
As I take it out on you
You will never know that I love to hate you

Nobody’s seen the way we look at one another
The same old thing we’ve been trying to escape
It’s too bad we had to come this far
I’m sick and tired of all these broken hearts
Go away, it’s too late
I’ve got my foot on the threshold, I’m ready to leave
Turned around and you slapped me in the face
Made my decision for me

It’s easy for me to decide what is right, 'cause it’s me that’s leaving
It’s harder to be the man you always wanted if you can’t tell me what you need

You and me, we’ll never see
Eye to eye and that’s how it’s gotta be
You will never love me, you will always hate me
You will never know

…You know I’ll never get by
Track Name: Get By
Lyrics © Matthew Shufelt

Well it’s hard at first to live without you
Please take away this pain
Look what I’ve done, I’ve become a monster
Look at the things I say
Should’ve seen this one coming
If you had only known that I was around
How could you be so condescending?
I see it in your smile
I’m a man and I need to control you
Then dispose of you
If you try to hide these lies, I’ll fall
I need to break out

Live my life on my own ('Cause it’s over)
If I died would you care? (I still love her)
Keep these things to yourself ('Cause it’s alright)
I need a place I can go just to get by

I’ll break the mode that’s become of us
I’m the last in line who could break your trust
I’m leaving, I’m breaking down
If I had one shot to go back in time
Could I change what I said, could I change your mind?
No matter how hard you try, you will find a way out
If you think that it’s alright